2018 in Music: Top 30 Songs in Telugu

A year dominated by refreshingly beautiful music from Vivek Sagar, and of course Chinmayi and Sid Sriram!

Nee Bosi Navve - Leon James' breezy and effervescent melody, aided spectacularly by Vijay Prakash on the vocals.

Aa Bhi Jaa, Naa Pranam - Sandeep Chowta impresses with an rhapsodic score that's both delightful and pleasant.

Maate Vinadhuga - This year undoubtedly belongs to singer Sid Sriram, and this dubstep-Indian classical fusion by Malayalam film composer Jakes Bejoy for the Telugu film Taxiwaala is everything!

Peniviti, Ga Gha Megha - Where S. Thaman crafts some of the most ear-pleasing melodies of his career.

Vennela O Vennela - Sid Sriram's brand of music and Prasan's guitar-laden melody find their perfect match.

Oh Cheli - Trust Achu Rajamani to come up with an immersive melody as captivating as Oh Cheli.

Sakhiya -  Sparkling and ambient, Sricharan Pakala's soaring melody is all you need to lift your spirits!

Inkem Inkem, Andhamaina Chandhamaama - Very Gopi Sundar and very mellifluous. And yes, Sid Sriram and Chinmayi.

Pillaa Raa - An utterly euphonious melody produced by Chaitan Bharadwaj, gilded by inventive use of flute and strings, and topped by a fantastic rendition from Anurag Kulkarni.

Kougillalo - Srinivasa Sarma Rani's classical-soaked melody gets a befitting company in Chinmayi.

Aagi Aagi, Maarey Kalaley, Oohalu Oorege Gaalanthaa, Kanulalo Thadigaa, O Cheli Thaara - Is it too early to say I am a big fan of Vivek Sagar? Because that's what I am after listening to Sammohanam and Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi.

Adbhutam - Remix man Tanishk Bagchi brings his Midas touch to Telugu and the result is as catchy as you would expect.

Naalo Chilipi Kala - Yazin Nizar turns up the charm in a cheery strings-laden melody set to tune by Sai Kartheek.

Sada Nannu - A mesmerising classical composition from Mickey J. Meyer sung beautifully by Charulatha Mani.

Beautiful Love - Armaan Malik and Chaitra Ambadipudi join hands together for what's a lilting romantic ballad from Vishal-Shekhar.

Deham Ichina Daivama, Edo Jarige - Edo Jarige is easily Chinmayi's show, while Naveen Iyer's deeply affecting voice makes Suresh Bobbili's Deham Ichina… a hypnotic listen.

Mellaga Mellaga, Chi La Sow - Chinmayi again, and needless to say, she owns both of Prashanth R. Vihari's tunes like only she can.

Ye Nimishamlo - An airy acoustic melody from Srinath Vijay, with a highly rhythmic arrangement to boot.

Oh Pilla Nuv Pooladanda, Undiporaadhey - For Oh Pilla…, Arjun Reddy composer Radhan spins a unique mix of hiphop and faux-Carnatic sounds and lets Naresh Iyer and Sameera Bharadwaj take over. As for the latter, the waltz'y tune features Sid Sriram. Enough said!

Hrudayam Jaripe - There is a 90's A. R. Rahman vibe to this splendorous melody by Vishal Chandrasekhar, and Yazin Nizar's singing only adds to its allure.


  1. Surprised that you didn't include Anirudh's Agnyaathavaasi in the list.

    1. It was included in the last year's list! :)


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