Music Review: Purampokku (Tamil)

Composer(s): Varshan
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Kalaasi Kalaasi, while evocative of Kaathala Kaathala's Kaasumela (Karthik Raja), has that unmistakable Deva'esque gaana touch to it and it's enjoyable while it lasts. Marina Beachula is no different either, working as a neat throwback to the 90's gaana songs from Deva. The vocals from Diwakar and Mukesh bear an uncanny resemblance to the composer's truth to be told! The Ilaiyaraaja'esque Orae Oru Murai is mostly pleasant in Vijay Prakash and Sunitha Sarathy's rendition, and Dhaegam Thaakkum, sung by K. Krishna Kumar and Ramya NSK, is short, racy melody, with the passable Aaja O Re (Abhay Jodhpurkar) capping off the soundtrack on a celebratory note. Varshan makes quite a noticeable debut with Purampokku.