Tech Roundup: Ceres, Google+ & More

[A recurring feature on the latest in Science & Technology.]
Light's wave-particle duality (Image: Wired)
  • Apple's search deal with Google to serve up search results on iOS devices set to expire early this year; Yahoo! and Microsoft said to be jockeying for the role as the tech giant seeks experienced project manager for Apple Search, which according to the job description will be "a search platform supporting hundreds of millions of users."
  • Google unveils plans to employ solar-powered Titan drones to provide internet connectivity for all alongside Project Loon and its optical fibre communication service Google Fiber; Waze becomes a Google Mobile Service with preinstall option on mobile devices.
  • Apple has big plans for music; to integrate iTunes and its recent purchase Beats together and hires popular BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe.
  • Pinterest partners with Apple to offer app pins to let users download apps straight from within the social network.
  • Lenovo-owned Motorola continues its assault on low-end; launches second-generation Moto E smartphone with a 4.5-inch display and Android 5.0.2 Lollipop on board for an affordable US$ 150.
  • Google reportedly adding Android Wear support for Apple iOS devices; could pave way for multi-platform smartwatches a la Microsoft Band.
  • Samsung's upcoming flagship Galaxy S6 blows competition out of the water; achieves monstrously high benchmarks scores.
  • Google indirectly acknowledges Facebook's multiple apps mantra; to split Google+ into Photos, Streams and Hangouts, Android Police's APK Teardown of Google Drive's latest Android update reveals auto photo backup option that's currently available in its Google+ apps.
  • Popular etailer Amazon opens a web storefront on Tmall in China, the top business-to-consumer retail site run by its rival Alibaba Group.
  • Google previews Material Design makeover for Contacts on the web; 5.1 Lollipop update to Contacts app trades too many of those horizontal lines in Add new/Edit contact screen for a more cleaner design.
  • PC maker Lenovo says no to bloatware (or adware) in its PCs after it gets caught sliding a dangerous piece of adware called Superfish onto its laptop computers.