Music Review: 100 Days of Love (Malayalam)

Composer(s): Govind Menon
Listen to the songs online here: YouTube (Satyam Audios)

Govind Menon totally owns Arike Pozhiyum, with his superlative singing and his captivating guitary arrangements providing solid purchase. Harps, violins and accordions take centre-stage in the waltzy Hridayathin Niramai (Vijay Yesudas, Mridula Warrier), as Manjiloode builds on the former orchestration-wise to offer a compelling melody in Christine Jose and Divya S. Nair's enticing vocals. Rounding off the soundtrack on a satisfactory note is the Celtic-rock fusion Ninnekaanan, dependably riding on Benny Dayal's energetic rendition to get it through. 100 Days of Love altogether is yet another impressive effort from Govind Menon.