Heavy Rotation: The Decemberists, Leon Bridges, Tame Impala & More

There's so much incredible music out there! You just have to open up!

Lake Song (The Decemberists) - A simple but beautiful tune, one that's too haunting to ignore. And those guitars, just wow!

Getting it All Wrong (Dan Michaelson and The Coastguards) - Ethereal and pleasantly dreamy, Dan Michaelson's vocals are bang on target.

The Lake (Fences) - The Lake gives off that Superheroes (The Script) vibe, but the pop-rock tune is simply addictive.

Tongue Tied, Ways to Go, Itchin on a Photograph & Let Me In (Grouplove) - Say what you will, but I just can't get enough of these songs from Grouplove. So hip!

Coming Home (Leon Bridges) - Very retro, very jazzy and very waltzy!

Of Course We Know (Modest Mouse) - A stunning orchestration and an even more stunning chorus works wonders!

Little Talks, Crystals & Love Love Love (Of Monsters And Men) - Absolutely catchy folk tunes from Of Monsters And Men, and Love Love Love is mesmerising.

Australia (The Shins) - The upbeat singing makes it a bouncy, rollicking listen.

Let it Happen (Tame Impala) - 7:49 minutes of psychedelic goodness and it's bloody hypnotic!