Heavy Rotation: Vidyasagar (Part II)

For some inexplicable reason, I have been listening to a lot of A. R. Rahman and Vidyasagar, and needless to say, it's a musical experience difficult to sum up in a few words. Anyway here's listing some of my favourite songs in a continuing exploration of their music...

Poo Vaasam, Mouname Paarvayai, Anbe Sivam (Anbe Sivam) - Fabulous Carnatic-based melodies, stunningly tuned and timeless.

Manju Pole (Dhosth) - There's a definite Swasame inspiration somewhere, primarily owing to the fact that both are set in kapi raga, but that doesn't take away the mellifluous beauty of the song. And how can I not mention Srinivas?

Sudum Nilavu (Thambi) - Reethigowlai is a beautiful raga in Carnatic music, just listen to Azhagana Ratchashiyae (Mudhalvan) and Kangal Irandal (Subramaniapuram).

Marannittum (Randam Bhavam) - Jayachandran and Sujatha's spotless rendition and Vidyasagar's ear-pleasing arrangements work wonders.

Walking in the Moonlight (Satyam Sivam Sundaram) - I guess I'm not the only one who is in love with Hariharan's voice. You will too, if not, after listening to this one.

Manju Peyyana (Chandranudikkunna Dikhil) - Sujatha totally owns this folksy melody with her infectious, playful rendition.

Poi Solla Koodathu, Panikaatrey, Minsaram En Meethu, Kaadhal Pisase (Run) - Poi Solla... is indubitably Hariharan's best after Pachchai Nirame. What a lovely semi-classical melody!

Megam Vandhu Pogum, Enna Kuraiyo, Satta Sada Sada (Mandhira Punnagai) - Exceptional melodies from Vidyasagar, fusing Carnatic and contemporary music in his own trademark style. Megam Vandhu Pogum, in particular, is a stunner of a composition set in bageshri raga and beautifully rendered by Anweshaa.

Chithiraiyil Enna Varum, Atrai Thingal (Sivappathigaram) - Another of those splendorous melodies from the composer, enchanting and very well-sung by Karthik, Swarnalatha, Madhu Balakrishnan and Sujatha.

Kandaen Kandaen (Pirivom Santhippom) - Composed in vasantha raga, along the lines of Ilaiyaraaja's Andhi Mazhai and Rahman's Minsara Poove, it's undoubtedly one of the best semi-classical compositions of Vidyasagar.

Mizhiyariyaathe (Niram) - Yesudas sounds simply marvellous in this simple yet tuneful melody.

Kaatrin Mozhi (Mozhi) - Music knows no language, has no boundary, and Kaatrin Mozhi beautifully expresses this, aided by Balram's emotive singing.

Malare Mounama (Karnaa) - The composer's break-out hit and the vocal chemistry between S.P.B. and S. Janaki is just scintillating!

Kannum Kannum (Pooparika Varugirom) - Srinivas and Sujatha at it again, but even more interestingly, whenever Vidyasagar channelises Ilaiyaraaja, the result has been nothing but pure magic.

Jalte Hain Jiske Liye (Kaiyoppu) - The classic Talat Mahmood-sung piece from the 1959 film Sujata gets an instrument-free makeover, with excellent help from singer Gayatri Asokan.

Onnamkilli Ponnankili, Onnanam Kunnin Mele, Kasavinte Thattamittu (Kilichundan Mampazham) - The combination of Vidyasagar and Sujatha has sure yielded some of the most memorable melodies in Malayalam cinema. Pretty is the word.

Pranayamanithooval (Azhakiya Ravanan), Mazhavillin Kottarathhil (Indraprastham), Ethrayo Janmamay (Summer in Bethlehem), Oru Paattin (Dubai), Thotturummi (Rasikan), Varamanjalaadiya (Pranayavarnangal), Un Samayal Arayil (Dhill), Silendra Theepori Ondru (Thithikudhe), Yaaro Nee (Sullan), Azhagooril Poothvale (Thirumalai), Kokkarakko (Ghilli), Kuyil Koovuthu (Well Done), Pazhaya Kural (Iyarkai), Aasai Aasai (Dhool) - More proof of Vidyasagar and Sujatha's enduring collaboration. If it's Chithra for A. R. Rahman, I've always felt it's Sujatha for Vidyasagar. They just click!

Mele Vinnil (Ezhupunna Tharakan), Yaduvamsha Yaamini (Dubai), Aaro Viral (Pranayavarnangal), Oru Raathri Koodi (Summer in Bethlehem), Poove Poove (Devadoothan), Kaathiruppoo Kanmani (Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakalathu), Nee Kaatru Naan Maram (Nilaave Vaa), Kavidhai Iravu (Sullan), Sooryanaay Thazhuki (Sathyam Sivam Sundaram), Yaathrayaay (Niram), Kilippenne (Dhosth), Chembakamalaroli (Elavamkodu Desam), Enna Tholaithai (Poi) - Chithra truly mesmerises with a flawless rendition, even as Vidyasagar infuses contemporary instrumentation against classical-tinged melodies. Also, Aaro Viral is a rework of the composer's own Meetu Ennai from the 1993 Tamil film Maathangal Ezhu featuring vocals from S.P.B. and Chithra!

Devadhai Vamsam, Radhai Manathil, Kalluri Malare (Snegithiye) - Snegithiye is possibly that rare soundtrack which had three songs sung by Chithra and Sujatha together.