Music Review: Vaa Deal (Tamil)

Composer(s): S. Thaman
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Vaa Deal, the title song, is backed by a solid rock-base, and the thumping percussion and chorus makes it a perky listen. It's other variant Vaa Deal Theme is equally engrossing, if not more. The instrumental Sound of Deal, with its thavil-nadaswaram mix, offers a neat traditional twist, while Andharu Andharu, sung by Velmurugan, is reminiscent of Osthe's Kalasala. The soundtrack's best comes in the form of Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyaai-styled melody Paesi Paesi, which  works fantastically despite the deja vu, thanks to Haricharan's superb rendition. Thaman delivers the goods with Vaa Deal!