Recent Listens: Ratatat, Passenger, Teleman & More

Some of the recent listens from my playlist...

Raise 'Em Up (Keith Urban ft. Eric Church) - A good old country song from Keith Urban featuring guest vocals from Eric Church. A fantastic listen despite that Someone Like You hangover.

Catch in the Dark (Passenger) - Michael David Rosenberg's voice is so unique, yet so heartfelt and emotional, and his latest single is one gorgeous melody along the lines of Let Her Go.

iT (Christine and the Queens) - A slow-burning synthpop number from French singer Héloïse Letissier. Absolutely arresting!

Cream On Chrome (Ratatat) - My continuing exploration of electronic music has led me to yet another exciting find. Retro, groovy and psychedelic, Cream On Chrome is one trippy guitar fest.

Skeleton Dance (Teleman) - Is there a cool song such as this one? I doubt! So catchy and super-rhythmic, I'm in love with it!

Classic (The Knocks ft. Powers) - Very retro and very disco, Classic is insanely foot-tapping.