Book Review: The Stranger

The Stranger
There has always been an element of technology woven into Harlan Coben's speed-busting page-turners, exploring and exposing the dark underbelly of Internet which commoners like us don't stumble across in our day-to-day online lives (unless intentionally of course). The Stranger is no exception. There's this Find My iPhone-like tracking, some subtle digs at Facebook ("Everyone looks happy on Facebook... It's like a compilation of your life's greatest hits."), a little bit about buying illegal stuff on online secret black markets like Silk Road and the general lack of true anonymity on the Web (cue in the NSA spying). Coben even throws in a sub-plot about a cop who is accused of being a racist for killing a black guy into the mix for a topical touch. And it all works. The novel abounds in twists and turns, the lazy character development notwithstanding, and the author's point of view narrative style is intriguing and eminently readable. An enjoyable domestic-cybercrime thriller!