Music Review: Sammohanam (Telugu)

Composer(s): Vivek Sagar
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

It's been almost a year since we last heard from Vivek Sagar, but if Sammohanam is any indication, the wait was nothing but worth it. Sung by Haricharan and Keerthana, Oohalu Oorege Gaalanthaa carries a lovely lilt, with the atmospheric soundbed adding immensely to its charm. Manasainadedo, in contrast, is a breezy listen accentuated by superb guitar-work and a fantastic singing by Vivek Sagar himself, even as Kanulalo Thadigaa features a flawless-sounding Chaitra Ambadipudi powering the ethereal guitar-backed melody to soaring heights. Haricharan comes back a second time, this time going solo for what's yet another splendid melody O Cheli Thaara, and Vivek Sagar, for his part, binds you over with a gorgeous orchestral accompaniment that's a mix of mandolin, flute, soft percussion and violin. Vivek Sagar's penchant for the unconventional continues with Sammohanam.