Music Review: Pahuna: The Little Visitors (Nepali/Sikkimese)

Composer(s): Arijit Datta, Sagar Desai
Listen to the songs online here: JioSaavn

Arijit Datta's Zindagi Layi (Hasdai) is almost Amit Trivedi'esque in its arrangements, but breezy and spirited it is all the same, exuding a cheery, carefree optimism that's infectious. Sano Naulo Sansaar, set to tune by Sagar Desai, rides on a rhythmic percussive bedrock that's neatly complemented by Peeyush Nepal and Abhibyanjana Rubhi Thatal on the vocals. The singing duo rock the dulcet lullaby Ae Sani Nani as well, with Desai concocting a gentle strings-laden soundscape, even as Bitawnu Cha Jiwan sees the composer extend the melodic aesthetic with spectacular results. Pahuna is a mighty little gem from Arijit Datta and Sagar Desai.