Heavy Rotation: Clinton Cerejo, Rahul Raj, Sayanora Philip & More

A selection of some of my favourite songs from the recent releases...

Poomaram (Poomaram) - A simple guitar-flecked melody, made all the more beautiful by Faizal Ravi's singing and the backing chorus.

Thamarapoo, Paalnila Thaarame (Kuttanadan Marpappa) - If 2018 is anything to go by, Rahul Raj appears to be firing on all cylinders, and in his latest musical outing, he ropes a fabulous-sounding Jassie Gift behind the mic, and the man as usual brings his A-game to the catchy folk-driven semi-classical melody Thamarapoo. Paalnila is where things get more interesting, with the composer adopting a dizzying whirlwind of synths for what's an utterly gorgeous tune.

Kannadi (Kala Viplavam Pranayam) - Suchith Suresan's pitch-perfect vocal accompaniment takes the lilting melody, set to tune by Athul Anand, to a whole new level.

Bas Tu Hai, Azaadiyaan (3 Storeys) - Clinton Cerejo quietly continues to churn out pensive melodies that gain immensely from the singer-composer's ambient arrangements. The very definition of comforting music that's textured as much as it's beautiful.

Chakka Paattu, Naadottukku, Shivane (Female Version) (Kuttanpillayude Sivarathri) - Sayanora Philip joins a long list of singers who have turned composers in recent times, but this folk-tinged soundtrack, steeped in traditional sounds, is undoubtedly the most impressive.

Nenjin Ninave, Oru Varthai (Angarajyathe Jimmanmar) - Girish Narayanan does well bringing Hariharan and Nikitha together for the pretty strings-laden duet that's Nenjin Ninave. Oru Varthai is lovely too, if only Poorna Abraham's Tamil rendition wasn't that bad!

Ga Gha Megha, Ardham Leni Navvu (Chal Mohan Ranga) - It’s good to see Thaman slowly getting back on track, moving away from excessively auto-tuned massy numbers, and focussing on making good music. While Chal Mohan Ranga is no Sketch, the breezy Ga Gha Megha and Ardham Leni Navvu more than make up for it. Euphonious is the word!

Kannala (China) - While there is no sign of the album's release yet, Ved Shanker does a masterful job of the melody, both singing and composing it, with Keba Jeremiah and Karthick Iyer lending rock-solid support on the strings.