Music Review: Angane Njanum Premichu (Malayalam)

Composer(s): Hesham Abdul Wahab
Listen to the songs online here: YouTube

Vijay Yesudas is in his element in Panjara Kanavulla, a soft ghatam-laden ballad that brings back memories of Malare and Innum Konjam, while Najim Arshad's commendable rendition of Snehithano makes for a pleasant listen, neatly complementing Hesham's airy, guitar-led arrangement. Vaishnav Girish, for his part, knocks it out of the park with his flawless delivery of the lovely folky melody Paattonnu Paadalo, even as Job Kurien comes up with an equally nuanced rendition of the ambient Thodu Thodu. Hesham Abdul Wahab continues to concoct beautifully arranged soundscapes that give his emotive melodies room to breathe and cut through. A job well done!