Reads: How Amazon's Bottomless Appetite Became Corporate America's Nightmare

Amazon is unstoppable. The only murmurs these days seem to be "which industries the company might torch next." How long before it runs out of steam? Or will that even happen? Bloomberg's Shira Ovide traces the journey of the retail behemoth and its relentless ambitions in this illuminating summary.

"Few tech companies manage to stay this kind of dominant for long, and Amazon can’t sneak up on anyone anymore. It has more outside threats than ever, and there remains a very real risk that it will choke on its own ambition. For now, however, little is being done to contain its or Bezos’ power or aims, and it’s difficult to imagine the company lacking a seat at any table it wants. On March 7, Amazon fixed a bug that left its voice-assistant software, Alexa, cackling aloud, unprompted. Shame—that summed things up nicely." >>