Music Review: Naduve Antaravirali (Kannada)

Composer(s): Manikanth Kadri
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Manikanth Kadri was last heard in Enaadaru Maathaadu Nee exactly almost an year ago, and his long gaps between films notwithstanding, it's always good to have him back. Of course, the important part of this presentation is the music, and there Manikanth rarely disappoints. Sanjith Hegde sings the waltz-like melody Shaakuntle Sikkalu beautifully, and in Kannu Kannu, Supriya Lohith confidently leads with her fabulous vocals, even as Manikanth bedecks the lilting tune with a profusion of strings and tabla. Paraaga Sparsha is Mythri Iyer's show, as is Madhu Balakrishnan who is dependably good in the pathos-soaked Oh Olave. The soundtrack's easy highlight is Ele Vayasina, an ebullient romantic ballad sung with effortless ease by Deepak Doddera and Eesha Suchi. Manikanth Kadri makes a welcome return with Naduve Antaravirali. Here's hoping to see him more often!