Heavy Rotation: Jakes Bejoy, Sharreth, Sushin Shyam & More

From melodies to folk numbers to soulful lullabies, a quick roundup of the latest music in Malayalam: Ranam, Neeli, Varathan, Padayottam, Mangalyam Thanthunanena, Mandharam and Oru Kuttanadan Blog...

Puthiyoru Pathayil, Nee, Oduvile Theeyayi (Varathan) - After Maradona and Ezra, Sushin Shyam turns in a superlative score, embracing a dizzying array of electronic and laid-back latinate sounds for the utterly delightful melodies.

Ranam, Pathiye, Ini Raave (Ranam) - Trust Jakes Bejoy to come up with a riveting score that's both engaging and cuts deep. Easily one of his best works till date!

Swapnam Sargam (Padayottam) - Prashant Pillai crafts an easily likeable qawwali that harkens back Sushin Shyam's Chilathunaam, in a good way that is.

Ariyathe Nin Mizhikalil, Mounam, Chase Theme (Mangalyam Thanthunanena) - S.Sankar's (Sujesh Sankar & Sunadh Sankar) Aiyathe... has a distinct Bollywood vibe to it, but in Vijay Yesudas' fantastic vocals, the song is nothing but melodious. Sayanora's Mounam is spectacular, as is Revaa's catchy percussion-heavy Chase Theme, turning its raucous beats into foot-tapping medley, complete with a choir-like outro.

Elampadi Elelelo, Kaavalam Kaayal, Maanathe (Oru Kuttanadan Blog) - Elampadi... is traditional vanchipattu done right, Kaavalam Kaayal employs Vineeth Sreenivasan's vocals to great effect, even as the booming Hoyee.. accompanied by chenda in the background is captivating, and Vijay Yesudas is dependably fabulous in the lilting Maanathe, making 27-year-old Sreenath Sivasankaran's composing debut one the most noteworthy this year.

Chanchakkam, En Anpe (Neeli) - Composer Sharreth ropes in Minungum Minnaminunge-girl Sreya Jayadeep, who renders beautifully the mellifluous Chanchakkam (Unni Menon croons the other version), while Bombay Jayashri's husky vocals are a perfect match for the soothing lullaby En Anpe.

Nooru Vattam, Kanne Kanne, Pulari Mazhagal, Neeye Neeye, Kadalazham (Mandharam) - In what's Mujeeb Majeed's full-fledged composing debut (he was previously heard in Haram and credited as a music programmer for the 2016 Kannada film U Turn), the 33-year-old Thrissur native concocts an album packed with gossamer melodies and haunting mood pieces that make for a mesmerising listen. Impressive indeed!