Reads: Follower Craze, Drug Trafficking & More

A wrap on some of the interesting reads from across the web...
  1. The Follower Factory - The New York Times
  2. Can A.I. Be Taught to Explain Itself? - The New York Times
  3. My Inheritance Was My Father's Last Lesson To Me And I Am Still Learning It - Buzzfeed
  4. How Algorithms Rule Our Working Lives - The Guardian
  5. Searching for an Alzheimer's Cure While My Father Slips Away - The Guardian
  6. What Does it Mean to Die? - The New Yorker
  7. The Trippy, High-speed World of Drone Racing - The New Yorker
  8. A 4-Year-Old Girl Was the Sole Survivor of a U.S. Drone Strike in Afghanistan. Then She Disappeared. - The Intercept
  9. How Miami's Gold Rush Fuels Drug Trafficking in Latin America - Miami Herald
  10. Recovering My Fifth Sense - Longreads
  11. If You're Using an Android Phone, Google May Be Tracking Every Move You Make - Quartz
  12. Google Can Still Use Bluetooth to Track Your Android Phone When Bluetooth is Turned Off - Quartz
  13. The Dirty War Over Diversity Inside Google - Wired
  14. The Techlash Against Amazon, Facebook and Google - The Economist