Reads: Depression, Homeostasis & More

A wrap on some of the interesting reads from across the web...
  1. These 9 Airplanes Transformed Flight Over the Last Century - National Geographic
  2. Is Everything You Think You Know About Depression Wrong? - The Guardian
  3. How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us - Washington Monthly
  4. When Deportation is a Death Sentence - The New Yorker
  5. My Father's Body, at Rest and in Motion - The New Yorker
  6. A Tech Pioneer's Final, Unexpected Act - The New Yorker
  7. When Things Go Missing - The New Yorker
  8. Dive into the Details of iOS 11: Is Apple Still Detail-oriented? - Hacker Noon
  9. This Army of AI Robots Will Feed the World - Bloomberg
  10. The Case Against Eating Fish - The Walrus
  11. The Ghosts of 808 East Lewis Street - Elle