Listen: Charli XCX's "Out of My Head" ft. Tove Lo & ALMA

If pop music in 2017 was characterised by on overwhelming sense of monotony, Charli XCX's latest album Pop 2 comes as the perfect antidote, pushing the envelope of mainstream pop music to uncharted territory, at the same time making for an infectious listen. Singing through heavy layers of auto-tune, Charli XCX almost depersonalises her voice to grotesque limits (Lucky, Track 10), like as if making a mockery of the modern music making process, but what cannot be denied is their inherent freshness, as evidenced in Out of My Head, a shimmering dance anthem that's hard to get out  of your head and ably supported by Tove Lo and ALMA. Listen to the song below, alongside James Blake's stunning piano cover of Don McLean's Vincent -