Listen: Camila Cabello's "She Loves Control"

Camila Cabello may have left the girl-band group that put her initially on the music map to test waters in what's a crowded vocal market, but her latest release Camila, which comes after a string a forgettable singles (Remember the Sia-like Crying in the Club?) and collaborations, drops enough hints about her up-and-coming pop star status. Over the span of 11 songs and some 37 minutes, the Cuban-Mexican songstress hops from electro-pop (Never be the Same, Into It) to Latin-pop (Havana) to R&B piano balladry (Consequences, resembling Rihanna's Stay, and Something's Gotta Give) to tropical-tinged grooves (Inside Out), putting her exotic vocals to the best use, but nowhere does she better than what she does in She Loves Control, an upbeat Latinate reggaeton anthem co-produced by Skrillex that just about sums her reason for going solo. Listen below -