Reads: Everything is Too Complicated

As Consumer Electronics Show prepares to kick off its annual show at Las Vegas, has technology become needlessly too complicated for its own good? With the big four tech giants, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Facebook, and to a lesser extent, Microsoft, Netflix, Snap Inc. and Twitter, sharpening their ecosystem knives and encroaching on each other's turfs, will there ever be a time when peace is declared and technologies begin to play nice with one another? Or will interoperability slowly bite the dust? Nilay Patel of The Verge offers a sobering thought -
This list was sort of funny when I first started making it, but over the past few days I’ve started to realize it’s a pretty damning indictment of the tech industry. Why doesn’t all this stuff work together better? Why should anyone know why search works in some apps and not others? Why do so many people need to remember so many passwords? Why have all these smart assistants actually made things more complicated?