Music Review: Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 (Tamil)

Composer(s): Sean Roldan
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Sean Roldan, while taking over the reins from Anirudh in Velai Illa Pattadhaari's sequel, attempts to give his own commercial spin by taking generous inspiration from Ilaiyaraaja that's felt all throughout. And it makes for a passably engaging listen in the horns-driven Nada Da Raja and Dooram Nillu. But not so much in Ucchathula, which epitomises Kollywood's continued obsession with lover/wife-bashing kuthu songs in almost every single film (just like Bollywood's penchant for terrible remixes of great songs). And frankly, it has gone past being tiresome. Iraivanai Thandha Iraiviye (and its Hindi version Tu Mili Hai) ultimately is the one song that stands out. A lovely, sweeping piece of work that builds slowly and piles on strings, the Ilaiyaraaja'esque melody benefits well from Sean, Abhay Jodhpurkar and M. M. Manasi's singing. A serviceable outing otherwise.