Book Review: The Murder on the Links

Hercule Poirot, following the mysterious affair at Styles, is summoned to France on an urgent matter by Monsieur Paul Renauld, but he (accompanied by Hastings) arrives too late to save his client from the clutches of death. All Poirot has instead are clues - a love letter in the dead man's overcoat which is one size too small for him, and his neighbours, a mother-daughter pair who may or may not be hiding something from him. But before he can make any further progress, the murder weapon gets stolen and a second body is discovered. Adding to the confusion is Hastings, who blinded by love, sets off a new train of events that complicate what was an already intricate mystery. Full of tricks up her sleeve, Agatha Christie pulls off an enthralling and astutely-constructed whodunit that makes your brain go wack. Easily one among her best!