Listen: Vince Staples' "Big Fish Theory"

I am no expert on rap music, but Vince Staples' Big Fish Theory is one of the most futuristic rap-dance albums I have ever heard, in a way recalling songs from artists like FKA Twigs and Missy Elliott. The songs decidedly exude a EDM vibe ("Move your body if you came here to party/ If not then pardon me/ How I'm supposed to have a good time/ When death and destruction's all I see?," he sings on Party People), but it's in Yeah Right, BagBak and Rain Come Down where the effect becomes more pronounced, with Staples spitting dense verses fluently over the wacky unconventional beats. Yeah Right, concocted by SOPHIE and Flume, in particular is a standout. Set against a backdrop that's a wild discordant mix of metallic sounds, the song switches to a dizzying dance anthem at 1:22 mark (sung by Kučka) before it switches gears and brings in Kendrick Lamar to do the honours. As a guest artist, Lamar has had a pretty mixed run thus far, but this might be his best yet. (Alternatively stream it via Spotify here.)