Music Review: Chandamama Raave (Telugu)

Composer(s): Shravan
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Shravan made quite a splash last year with Savitri (who can forget the absurdly catchy Pillo O Pillo?), and in Chandamama Raave, he serves a set of tunes that's part classical, part electronic, part kuthu and all parts engaging and fresh. Ye Vaipu Choostunna, the album opener, is the most lilting and possibly the most conventional, beautifully tuned (that clarinet!) and well-sung by Sai Charan, while Praayam Inthera works fantastically as a classical-dubstep-kuthu fusion. Baanisa (and its trance version) starts off predictably with all that drunken style of singing from Shravan, but the rhythmic EDM beats and lovely violin interludes give it a refreshing spin.

Eppudu Modalaindo sees Hemachandra confidently leading the pleasant folky melody, even as Party Just Started effortlessly slips from one genre to the other all in a span of 3:31 minutes with perfect vocal backing from Lalitha Kavya and Sai Krishna. Kaalam Nippulaa Kaalchutunde goes for a heady grunge rock vibe, but even here Shravan manages to cleverly sneak in a captivating violin interlude. Santho's Trauma's hip-hop-classical mix is fabulously addictive, as is Paasugula, which wins you over with its rustic charm (but not before a synthy about-turn in the outro) and Shravan's quirky singing. Chandamama Raave is ample proof that trendy pop music can also be inventive and consistently surprising.