iOS 11 Developer Beta 2 in Screenshots

Now that I have been using my iPhone with iOS 11 developer beta running on it, I can fairly say that the customisable Control Center and drag-and-drop are easily the two big game changers, fundamentally changing the way I use it. Granted it's not without its fair share of bugs (content blockers for example don't work), battery life is poor and the much touted Files app still doesn't let you save files on your device, but that's the unfortunate side effect of installing unfinished/unstable software on your phone. That having said, Apple has seeded the second beta version of iOS 11 to developers and here's what has changed (including other features that I left out from beta 1).

Add to iCloud Drive in Share Sheet now replaced by Save to Files and new blur animation while pulling down Cover Sheet (aka Notification Center)

Minor tweaks to volume control in Apple Music Widget and updated Browse option in Apple News

Overhauled Trending Topics screen in Apple News and new Shut Down option in Settings

Redesigned Podcasts app and new Touch ID prompt when downloading apps from App Store

Apple News widget now shows Top Videos that can be played within itself

Pin notes in Notes app and updated notification settings (lock screen and Notification Center are now collectively called Cover Sheet)

Built-in QR code scanning in Safari by doing a 3D Touch on a QR code

Smart Suggestions in Safari based on the currently viewed webpage and new Scan QR Codes setting in Camera

Intrusive volume HUD is back and new Do Not Disturb While Driving safety setting

Apple Music now allows searches by people, albums and songs and App Store search surfaces app developers in search results

Low Power Mode no longer glows in yellow and new Prevent Cross-Site Tracking privacy setting in Safari

Keyboard in landscape mode no longer takes up the whole screen

Disconnecting from a wifi network displays what network you are disconnecting from