Book Review: Not a Sound

Not a Sound
It's a widely accepted fact that you shouldn't lie to your doctor or your lawyer. In return for placing our faith and trust in the hands of these skilled professionals, we expect nothing but the best advice, care and treatment. But is that always so? Author Heather Gudenkauf (who I was surprised to learn is hearing impaired herself) vividly explores this idea in Not a Sound, a feverish thriller that will keep you awake all night. For those who are tired of reading about gruesome deaths and sexually depraved characters, Not a Sound comes as a refreshing psychological suspenser by placing a hearing impaired character as the protagonist (Amelia is so wonderfully realised on paper, she comes alive off it!), that not only ratchets up the tension but also succeeds in creating a unique landscape that's engaging and immersive. Granted it is not a very labyrinthine mystery to begin with and Amelia is made privy to information that may not be so easy to lay hands on, but that doesn't take away the real message Gudenkauf attempts to convey - "a disability doesn't have to hold you back."