Listen: Rhye's "Waste" & "Softly"

Rhye, the downtempo R&B duo of Michael Milosh and Robin Hannibal, are characterised by a unique amalgam of soft, delicate music and whispery, sensuous vocals that borders on eargasm. But if you are ever wondering who is that woman singing, you would be surprised to learn it's a dude! Yeah, that's right. "Personally, I don't view myself as sounding like a woman," said Milosh back in an interview with NPR in 2013 (coinciding with the release of their debut album Woman), adding, "I think I just have a soft quality to my voice, and then people immediately associate that with something extremely feminine." Now the duo are back, picking up from where they left off, while remaining as slinky smooth as ever before, espousing markedly different sounds in their sophomore outing Blood without breaking the mood whatsoever. Have Waste and Softly a go below -