Heavy Rotation: Jecin George, Midhun Narayanan, Vishal Bhardwaj & More

Tracking album releases are becoming way too harder these days! Has the "album" finally lost its allure in India too?

Nin Kannil (Midhun Narayanan, Meera) - Why don't we get more songs like this? Srinivas and Sujatha are simply mesmerising!

Neela Shalabhame (Jecin George, Charminar) - Sachin Warrier and Gayathri Suresh's outstanding rendition takes the lilting semi-classical fusion to soaring heights.

Kaattin Saarangi (Vishal Bhardwaj, Carbon) - Why is it to so hard for the makers behind this Malayalam film to release the official soundtrack? My gripes about the botched rollout aside, this Vishal Bhardwaj-composed melody is every bit a soft, sublime listen, accentuated further by Benny Dayal's soulful vocals.

Mist of Capricorn (Manavyalakincharadate) (Agam) - Agam broke into mainstream with Solo last year, but in their sophomore album outing A Dream to Remember, the prog rock band's amalgamation of rock and Carnatic music sounds so beautiful like never before!

Despacito (Indian Classical Version) (Mahesh Raghvan ft. Praveen Prathapan and Janan Sathiendran) - This song, an Indian makeover of Luis Fonsi's worldwide monster hit, is long overdue, for I kept meaning to share it when it released sometime last July, but somehow missed it among other things. That said, what a fantastic fusion it is!