Music Review: Love Per Square Foot (Hindi)

Composer(s): Sohail Sen
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

It has always struck me as curious as to why we get to hear Sohail Sen only rarely, when, on the other hand, we are made to sit through a bunch of talentless hacks routinely dole out garbage in the name of music. Clearly Bollywood hasn't gotten its priorities right. But that's for another day. Sen's Love Per Square Foot, which marks his comeback in about two years after Happy Bhag Jayegi, is for the most part breezy, and while it's no stunner, the tunes will have you nodding to the groovy tunes (Yatri Kripaya Dhyaan De) and the infectious melodies, especially the Latinate fusion Aashiyana and the airy, guitar-flecked Maqbool Hai (both sung with verve by Altamas Faridi). Here's hoping to see more of Sohail Sen!


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