Music Review: July Kaatril (Tamil)

Composer(s): Joshua Sridhar
Listen to the songs online here: JioSaavn

Joshua Sridhar has always had a way with melodies, but there is an unmistakable breeziness to the tunes that feels as if he took a leaf out of Leon James' playbook. Merkilae Merkilae is Sathyaprakash's show, even as Sridhar blends lilting harmonies with semi-classical elements to fantastic effect. Kayathe Kanagathe is bubbly, effervescent electro-pop accentuated perfectly by Syed Subhan, M.C. Chethan and Pragathi Guruprasad, while Kangalin Oramai is as pleasant as it's soulful, the stilted vocal delivery notwithstanding. Sharanya Srinivas's flawless rendition powers the euphonious semi-classical composition Kaatre Kaatre, and in Vaa Alaipol, Haricharan Seshadri and Varshini Muralikrishnan come out shining despite the song's synth-pop landscape that recalls to mind Vijay Antony's Ippadi Mazhai (Vedi). Joshua Sridhar delivers a cheery, sparkling fare with July Kaatril.