Reads: Engineering Luck, Moving Masterpieces & More

A wrap on some of the interesting reads from across the web...
  1. The Underground Railroad of North Korea - GQ
  2. Losing Land: Louisiana's Disappearing Coast - The New Yorker
  3. A Kayaking Trip Gone Wrong: The Senseless Logic of the Wild - The New York Times
  4. Death of the Calorie - 1843
  5. BDSM: Of Safe Words and the Sacred - Longreads
  6. The Mortician and the Murderer - Topic
  7. Smart Talking: Are Our Devices Threatening Our Privacy? - The Guardian
  8. The Toxic Truth About Modern Food - The Guardian
  9. How to Move a Masterpiece: The Secret Business of Shipping Priceless Artworks - The Guardian
  10. The Fertility Doctor's Secret - The Atlantic
  11. What Happens If You Find Cameras in Your Airbnb - The Atlantic
  12. Shelf Life: Your AirPods Will Die Soon - The Atlantic
  13. Why Phone Numbers Stink As Identity Proof - Krebs on Security
  14. How Designers Engineer Luck Into Video Games - Nautilus
  15. A Clever New Strategy for Treating Cancer, Thanks to Darwin - Wired
  16. DNS: The Internet's Phone Book Is Broken - OneZero
  17. The New Genre of Unboxing Videos on YouTube - Vox
  18. What Will Happen When Machines Write Songs Just as Well as Your Favorite Musician? - Mother Jones