Music Review: Vanamagan (Tamil)

Composer(s): Harris Jayaraj
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Yemma Yea Alagamma is Chellame Chellame 2.0, melodious and engaging, but also very reminiscent of the kind of music we have heard previously from the composer. With a hook borrowed from Worth It and Talk Dirty, Damn Damn is more annoying than catchy, while it's left to Vijay Yesudas to do most of the heavy lifting in Silu Silu (and its tribal fusion theme variant), a passable folky melody that meanders along predictable lines. Harris tries to inject some newness to Morada Morada by incorporating funky beats and groovy baselines, but the song remains patently within his comfort zone. Pachai Uduthiya Kaadu is ultimately the soundtrack's best, bedecked by a lovely strings-laden base and a mellow percussion which beautifully complements Abhay Jodhpurkar and Harini's outstanding singing. In his fiftieth film as a composer, Harris dishes out the usual fare.