Music Review: Magalir Mattum (Tamil)

Composer(s): M. Ghibran
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Padmalatha sounds so shrill and unlike her usual self in Ghandhari Yaaro, but the funky tune and its enlivening arrangement elevates it every bit. Actor Karthi, for his part, delivers on the vocal front in Gubu Gubu Gubu, a bouncy piece of blues music that incorporates a lovely mix of violins, guitars and banjos. The situational nature of Bullet Song, Karu Karunnu, Carratu Pottazhagaa and Time Passukkosaram aside, the folk pieces don't have much recall value on their own, but Adi Vaadi is peppy folk-rock fusion, even as the composer strikes gold with the lovely, strings-flecked theme song. Ghibran's score for Magalir Mattum is quirky and fun, but also familiar.