Music Review: Thiri (Tamil)

Composer(s): Ajesh Ashok, S. Thaman
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

The techno-gaana Akka Maga Indhu is as punchy as it gets, although the song loses steam in its second variant Kannu Rekha. The lilting melody Uravey Uravey, likewise, fares better in Sathyaprakash's singing over Thilak Anand's, and in Yaavum Needhaaney, Ajesh concocts and sings the pathos-soaked minimalist melody very well. The kuthu number Vaetta Pen Vaetta is the only real downer, failing to get anywhere beyond the usual confines of the genre. Dhillirukku Tholodu is inspirational and rhythmic, in the typical way only Thaman can muster, and giving him apt vocal accompaniment are singers Sai Sharan, Nivas and Deepak. Ajesh and Thaman conform to the commercial template with Thiri.