Music Review: 8 Thottakkal (Tamil)

Composer(s): Sundaramurthy KS
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Haricharan and Vandana Srinivasan complement well each other in the mellow strings-laden melody Nee Illai Endraal, and in Ithu Pol, composer Sundaramurthy KS treads a familiar guitar-backed melodic soundscape that gets perfect vocal backing from Sathyaprakash. The folksy Andhi Sayura Neram never soars beyond the typical confines of the genre, but Mannipaya Ena Kekathe turns out to be the surprise package, with Udhay Kannan and Aparna Balamurali (also the lead female actor of the film) acing the simple guitary song. 8 Thottakkal may lack a wow factor, but the melodies are worth humming to.