Music Review: Venkatapuram (Telugu)

Composer(s): Achu Rajamani
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn, YouTube (Mango Music)

Yazin Nizar and Keka Ghoshal complement each other very well in the sweeping romantic ballad Egire, even as Achu follows it up with an equally tender and exquisite Thanevaro (which appears in two versions sung by the composer himself and Vijay Yesudas) and an almost gospel choir-like Kaalam. Kokkoroko is impactful techno-rap-kuthu and it's amazing how it all falls together seamlessly despite the multiple genres it straddles (the inclusion of chenda and cymbals in the second interlude and the outro is a masterstroke!). O Maya's catchy-but-soft EDM beat exudes a chill dance'y vibe and Benny Dayal's effortless singing is its highlight. Achu remains as dependable as ever with Venkatapuram.