Music Review: Georgettan's Pooram (Malayalam)

Composer(s): Gopi Sundar
Listen to the songs online here: YouTube (Millennium Audios)

One listen to Omal Chiriyo and it becomes amply clear Gopi Sundar is the man behind it. Kabadi Kabadi is a frenzied semi-classical-rock fusion, characterised by a blast of dense riffage amidst all that thumping percussion and phenomenal singing by Ranjith. Oduvile Yathrakkayinnu, in two versions sung by Vijay Yesudas and Rajalakshmi, carries with it a deathly, sombre vibe that's suitably haunting. The soundtrack's highlight however is the addictive Joleem Kooleem, which, after Azhagana Ratchashiyae, Sudum Nilavu and Kangal Irandal, has got to be one among the cleverly crafted Reethigowla raga-based pieces. Gopi Sundar returns with a set of breezy tunes for Georgettan's Pooram.