Reads: Amazon's Fake Reviews, Subscription Hell & More

A wrap on some of the interesting reads from across the web...
  1. Inside the Brotherhood of Pi-hole Ad Blockers - Bloomberg
  2. The Computer Science Social Network Employers Love to Raid - Bloomberg
  3. How Disreputable Rehabs Game Google to Profit Off Patients - The Verge
  4. The Selfishness of Google Duplex - The Verge
  5. Inside Amazon's Fake Review Economy - Buzzfeed
  6. The Sound of Madness - Harper's
  7. Children of the Opioid Epidemic - The New York Times
  8. 45 Stories of Sex and Consent on Campus - The New York Times
  9. Why Silicon Valley Can't Fix Itself - The Guardian
  10. The spectacular Power of Big Lens - The Guardian
  11. When Homer Envisioned Achilles, Did He See a Black Man? - Aeon
  12. Subscription Hell - TechCrunch
  13. How a Mugger Helped Create the NSA's Post-9/11 Surveillance Program - Slate
  14. Google YOLO Clickjacking - XSS Jigsaw
  15. He Was One of Millions of Chinese Seniors Growing Old Alone. So He Put Himself Up for Adoption. - The Washington Post
  16. How an Obscure Religious Sect Mapped the Cosmos - National Geographic
  17. Google Just Remade its Brand Again - Fast Company