Music Review: Naa Nuvve (Telugu)

Composer(s): Sharreth
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

The different notification sounds that make up Hey Hey ILU definitely gets to your nerves, but the buoyant tune and Tippu's infectious rendition more than make up for it. Tippu gets to sing Right Right Right as well, this time with lesser success, even as the dated arrangement does little to mitigate matters. Nijama Manasa is lovely, with Yazin Nizar and M. M. Manasi's vocals providing a sharp contrast, while Chiniki Chiniki sees Sharreth in hyper-inventive form, riding on Karthik and Saptaparna Chakraborty's pitch-perfect vocals. Sharreth himself goes behind the mic for the aggressive emotional outburst that's Premika, and in the piano-laden title song, Priya Mali makes her presence felt with a soulful rendition that's both breezy and pleasant on the ears. Sujith "Sharreth" Vasudevan's latest outing is no 180, but is assuredly a cut above most soundtracks released this year.