Music Review: Kaali (Tamil)

Composer(s): Vijay Antony
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Ever since Vijay Antony, like G. V. Prakash Kumar, took up full-time acting, his music direction career has understandably taken a backseat. I mean that in a significant way. Where is the man who used to churn out peppy, addictive dance numbers like Suppose and Dailamo? Kaali, his latest outing as an actor and composer, sounds more like an afterthought, entirely lacking in appeal with the sole exception of Arumbey, a stringy folk number that rides on Nivas and Janaki Iyer's effective vocals. Very generic and eminently forgettable, this Kaali.


  1. Do check out Kannadakkagi Ondannu Otti by Arjun Janya.


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