Tech Brief: The New Google News Experience is Here

The brand-new AMP-powered Google News app introduced at last week's opening keynote of Google I/O has arrived on iPhones and iPads in the U.S. The app, which replaces Google Play Newsstand and Google News & Weather on iOS and Android, is continuing to roll out to users across 127 different countries, and makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to tailor each user's news to fit his or her personal interests, while also offering in-depth perspectives about each story (timelines of events, Tweets, opinion pieces etc.) that's virtually identical to every user in an attempt to crack down on polarisation. The integration with Newsstand also brings "Subscribe with Google," which allows users to subscribe to paid content via their Google accounts. Have a look below -

Update: Here are more screenshots of the web version -

The new Google News landing page

The "For You" section that displays stories based on your interests

Sections like Technology have their own sub-sections

The universal "Full Coverage" section for each story

View saved stories for later reading (not sure if this integrates with Google app's similar feature)

The new Share screen