Music Review: Amit Sahni Ki List (Hindi)

Composer(s): Karthick Iyer, Palash Muchhal, Raghu Dixit, Shivi R. Kashyap, Warren Mendonsa-Sid Coutto
Listen to the songs online here: YouTube (Zee Music Company)

Ab Mein Kya Karoon, sung by Raghu Dixit himself, features some wonderful guitar, brass and flute but the tune is functional at best. With Nikhil D'Souza and Shruti Pathak ably assisting on the vocals, Dixit's Waakeyi is softly romantic. The nifty rock arrangements of Pyar Ek Kutti Cheez (Warren Mendonsa-Sid Coutto) is its highlight, while Shivi Kashyap does a great job in the bouncy techno-pop number Aisi Hi Hoon Mein. Composed by Palash Muchhal, What the Fark is a catchy dance-floor song, and the dulcet melodies, Sargoshi and Parchhai, being two variations of the same tune with Sonu Nigam, Palak Muchhal and Anirudh Bola doing their parts well. The album however belongs to Karthick Iyer, who does wonders with the astounding violin instrumental Violin RecitalAmit Sahni Ki List has a big list of composers, but the result is a surprisingly listenable ensemble!