2017 in Music: Top 11 Songs in Kannada

While I didn't get around listening to as many Kannada film soundtracks as I would like to this year, I do hope this list is a good enough representative of what Sandalwood had to offer!

Kush Kush (Judah Sandhy) - Perhaps the most addictive Indian film song I have come across this year. And that's saying a lot for a soundtrack that just released 10 days back!

Devare, Ondu Malebillu, Belakendare (Arjun Janya) - After Sonu Nigam, it's the turn of Armaan Malik, who leaves an indelible presence with his flawless singing of the beautiful melodies Devare and Ondu Malebillu. Haricharan, on the other hand, is his dependable self in the fantastic Belakendare.

Thilli Prema (Manoj George) - A lovely semi-classical melody from Manoj George and neatly rendered by Charan Raj.

Preetiya Hesare Neenu (Raghu Dixit) - How mesmerising is this minimalist guitar-backed melody sung by Raghu Dixit!

Henne, Chanda Avalu, Nennillade (Midhun Mukundan) - If it was Charan Raj last year, it's the turn of Midhun Mukundan in 2017, who delivers an outstanding score for Ondu Motteya Kathe.

Ninna Haage (Yuvan Shankar Raja) - Yuvan, in his Kannada film debut, goes for an all out splendorous melody, with Rahul Nambiar's vocals for company.

Enaadaru Maathaadu Nee (Manikanth Kadri) - Manikanth Kadri is no stranger to classical-based melodies, and Enaadaru... is no exception.