Reads: Drowning in Garbage, Pictures of Death & More

A wrap on some of the interesting reads from across the web...
  1. The Cobalt Pipeline - The Washington Post
  2. Drowning in Garbage - The Washington Post
  3. Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds - The New Yorker
  4. Doomsday Prep for the Super-rich - The New Yorker
  5. Lake Chad: The World's Most Complex Humanitarian Disaster - The New Yorker
  6. Weinstein's Complicity Machine - The New York Times
  7. Why are America's farmers killing themselves in record numbers? - The Guardian
  8. Rise of the machines: who is the 'internet of things' good for? - The Guardian
  9. What Ancient Corn Farmers can Teach Us About Engineering Crops for Climate Change - Massive
  10. Bitcoin could cost us our clean-energy future - Grist
  11. Bitcoin's insane energy consumption, explained - Ars Technica
  12. We Don't Need The iPhone X - Fast Company
  13. Diary of a Concussion - The Verge
  14. The Rise and Fall of the English Sentence - Nautilus
  15. Torching the Modern-Day Library of Alexandria - The Atlantic
  16. Pictures of Death - The Atlantic
  17. What Happens When an Algorithm Helps Write Science Fiction - Wired
  18. India's Love For Labradors And German Shepherds Is Driving Its Indigenous Dog Breeds To Extinction - Scroll
  19. The Site That May Be Jesus' Tomb - National Geographic
  20. What Happens When the Government Uses Facebook as a Weapon? - Bloomberg Businessweek