Music Review: Chamak (Kannada)

Composer(s): Judah Sandhy
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Kush Kush might very well be an Indian take on Major Lazer's Lean On, its blend of electronic and semi-classical flourishes making for an arresting listen in Sanjith Hegde and Deeksha Ramakrishna's superlative rendition. Nee Nanna Olavu, likewise, blooms with groovy synth lines and thumping beats, all the while backed by Abhinandan Mahishale and Supriya Lohith's slinky smooth vocals. Judah ropes in an enthusiastic sounding Chethan Naik and Eesha Suchi to do the singing honours in the catchy blues-flavoured Avalakki Buwalakki, even as he lends O Sanjeya Hoove the requisite emotional heft by bringing in Haricharan, Priya Hemesh, Narayan Sharma and Sparsha RK to sing two different versions of the stunning pathos-soaked tune. Judah Sandhy's effervescent tunes shine bright in Chamak!