Music Review: Urvi (Kannada)

Composer(s): Manoj George
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Adhara Madhura is a Carnatic fusion on the lines of Vijana Surabhi (Bachelor Party), an engrossing composition made even better by them frenzied violins in the prelude and singer Teenu Treasa. The theme song too is frenetic, considerably leaning on the hard-rock side but with a subtle nod to Adhara... Thilli Prema (in two different versions) is a gorgeous semi-classical piece, and leading on the vocal front is composer Charan Raj, who gave us two excellent soundtracks last year, and Madhushree Narayan. Kelu Ranga Kelu goes for a fun drama-like vibe (as if it's being on enacted on stage), while K. S. Chithra sounds as flawless as ever in the plaintive strings-laden Kanna Hani. The musical renaissance in Kannada continues its astounding run with Urvi.