Music Review: Kaalakkoothu (Tamil)

Composer(s): Justin Prabhakaran
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Sriram Parthasarathy beautifully complements the euphonious folk number that's Engeyo Pogum. Kanna Katti is equally fabulous, the splendorous folky melody incorporating an arresting mix of tabla, flute and ektara, and a fantastic-sounding Haricharan and Latha Krishna on the vocals. In Netri Kungumam, Prabhakaran attempts a neat folk-Carnatic fusion that gets solid vocal purchase in V. V. Prassanna and Chinmayi. Alli Kodiye, sung by Sathyaprakash, carries a very doleful vibe, yet the strings-laden composition is oh-so-enchanting. The Rasaali singer shows up twice more accompanied by Sharanya Srinivasan and Latha Krishna hitting all the right notes with his rendition of the mesmerising melodic pieces Kannukkulla and Jeevan Intha Kaname. Justin Prabhakaran wows with a melody heavy score in Kaalakkoothu.