Book Review: The Memory Game

The Memory Game
The Memory Game, a compulsively readable cranial exercise of a memoir is more a travel back to the past disguised as a mystery. Of a murder that occurred in the past, forcing Jane, an indecisive wimpy chain smoker, to relive the weeks leading to the death of Natalie, her best friend and (later) sister-in-law, a quarter century ago, who until now was presumed missing before her skeleton is accidentally unearthed from the family garden. The idea, that of repressed memories unconsciously retained in one's mind, is promising, and using that to solve a murder, more tantalising and cathartic even, but writer-duo Nicci Gerrard and Sean French swamp the lethargically-paced whodunit with too many irrelevant characters (who couldn't care less about a death in the family, while remaining indifferent to the prospect of having a murderer in their midst) that are of no consequence to the story, and a protagonist so irritable and childish, I was left exasperated and unsympathetic to her predicament.