Heavy Rotation: Rosemary Fairweather, Slothrust, Young Summer & More

Recent listens from Ablebody, ScotDrakula, Slothrust and more...

Backseat Heart (Ablebody) - I definitely have a thing for retro-styled synthy melodies. Just take brother-duo Christoph/Anton Hochheim's Backseat Heart for instance; what a beautiful hazy floater it is!

Heaven (Infinity Crush) - An euphonious, minimally arranged melody from Caroline White that belies its grief-stricken theme.

Not Nice (PartyNextDoor) - PND Jahron Anthony Brathwaite's take on dancehall joins the list of Rihanna's Work (which was co-written by PND himself), and Drake's One Dance and Too Good, and I am digging it!

Calling Listening (Rosemary Fairweather) - Ear-pleasing synth-soaked dream-pop that unsurprisingly never gets tiresome even after a zillion listens.

Disintegrator (ScotDrakula) - Melbourne-based outfit ScotDrakula ace the garage/grungy soundscape and it makes for one helluva frenzied listen!

Horseshoe Crab (Slothrust) - The calm before the storm carries with it a sense of foreboding, a sense of something unknown. Brooklyn-based trio of Slothrust tap into this conceit to deliver a blues'y jazz-infused indie-rock jam that starts on a quiet subdued note before it all ends in a turbulent clanging of drums and guitars.

If We Have Time (Two People) - Haunting and exuberant in equal measure, Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough go in for the kill with a gossamer-like melody.

Paused Parade (Young Summer) -  An absolutely stunning, out-of-the-world song, so arresting, intricate and layered.

Other notable listens of the week - Alex Cameron The Comeback, Bellows' Orange Juice, Blanck Mass's D7-D5, Crystal Castles' Char, Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam's A 1000 Times, Regina Spektor's Bleeding Heart.